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About this track, Dukkha says :

The theme of the song is inspired by Joel Shumacher's movie "Falling Down", starring Michael Douglas, and mainly by the opening scene illustrating a man losing his patience and abandoning his car in the middle of traffic jams. Embittered and ulcerated by his entire societal environment, the character indulges in a series of disproportionate violence before abandoning himself to the consequences of his own self-criticism.

Themusic video is staging an office worker who goes to a rage-room/theater called Wreck N' Watch - a fictional company where you can buy tickets either to wreck anything you want or pay to watch someone else raging - where he will totally lose control, for the great pleasure of the audience. This MV is also an opportunity to showcase our fully synchronized lightshow which is a big part of our live performances.

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About this track, Dukkha says :

This track is inspired by the poem "The Lake - To" from Edgar Allan Poe, which relates the story of a man fulfilled by regrets, and stucked in his comfort zone. The song is also related to Lamartine's poem "Le lac", blending poetry, dance and lyrical vocals. This new track retains the band's singular musical signature to navigate the listener through a multitude of emotions.

"The Lone Lake is a return to our "Hypno5e" influences. It was important to us to keep the fact of having songs with a story to tell, both lyrically and visually. It's also the first time that we bring in a lyrical singer, Marion Jegou, a graduate of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Lyon, who supports the dramatic dimension of the two poets in the midst of their respective sorrows, which haunt them year after year.

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About this track, Dukkha says :

"The album's eponymous track, Remanence, is certainly one of our most energetic song. This one deals with the ability of everyone to be able to walk against the current and the need to not be swayed by other people's judgements or not valuing other's opinions too much. The track is intended to be positive in its energy and is the result of a combination of both massive and warm riffs, displaying musical colours not yet explored by the band.
The track begins with the main theme of the song, supported by a dynamic and catchy riff before taking the listener on more melodic and airy notes. The word "Liberated" - which makes pretty sense in 2021 - will announce one of Fabien's famous solos that, in the same vein, is reminiscent of "Hiroshima" from the first album before closing the track with this heavy main theme which will surely be one of the biggest highlights of our upcoming shows.

Concerning the music video, we wanted to put forward a more "behind the scene" content (as opposed to the previous tracks which were sometimes darker and more scripted) by proposing a video mixing both live and lifestyle during a full recording day. We're then showing us without any filter but still in that hard-working vibe that we're following since day one, which is illustrated by our usual full synchronized lightshow."

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About this track, Dukkha says :

"Karoshi is musically in line with our first album "Legacy", while offering a much more detailed sound atmosphere (directed by William Edery), a classical instrumentation, fast riffs and a clean melodies where the harmony of guitars is put forward. The clip, directed by Aurélien Mariat, is a huge leap forward for us because it is the first storytelling clip that we are producing with Dukkha. Karoshi tells the story of a man psychologically and physically enslaved, we called on several of our relatives to give life to the protagonists of the song."

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About this track, Dukkha says :

“The idea behind this track was to illustrate the break from our former songs, heavier rhythm, more energy and especially the absence of an intro (a motif we had always used before) which propels the listener to the middle of the issue at stake here : the feeling of powerlessness when facing an insurmountable obstacle, an immeasurable force, represented in the track by natural disasters.
To emphasize this intensity, we asked Pierre Yves Bayet (aka PY), vocalist of Buy Jupiter and Dead Kiwis, to feature on ‘Giant Storm’ ;  his energy matched perfectly with what we were looking to push forwards.

We also turned to Aurélien Mariat and his editing skills to create the video which was shot in front of a massive screen. Images of natural catastrophes and an impressive light design were projected to further underline the feeling of helplessness.”

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Heavenly Defaced God is our first single, prelude to our Concept Album "Legacy"

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Dukkha - Lightshow
Dukkha Band - Karoshi Edition
Dukkha Band - Remanence Edition
Dukkha Band - Giant Storm Edition (feat PY from Buy Jupiter & Dead Kiwis)
Dukkha - Remanence Shooting
Dukkha - Remanence Shooting
Dukkha feat Martin from Buy Jupiter
Live @Le Réservoir (Belley)
Live @Le Réservoir (Belley)
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Dukkha - Live @Warmaudio
Live @Warmaudio
Dukkha - Remanence Shooting
M0x Live at Warmaudio Decines
Dukkha - Live @Loupika with Resolve & Mirage
Live @Le Réservoir (Belley)
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